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BlackRidge Land Company's listing program is an innovative, marketing- driven approach to selling land in Alabama. We understand, at its core, to sell is to market - we strive to be the leader in exposing our clients' properties to the greatest number of qualified buyers. Through a combination of web-based marketing, email campaigns, traditional advertising, and good old-fashioned face-to-face meetings, our program is designed to expose our listings to targeted prospects with a fresh, engaging approach to marketing real estate. BlackRidge Land Company's Land Marketing Program includes a comprehensive on-the-ground analysis of the property and consultation with the client to discuss our recommendations and an extensive market analysis. We will then design and execute a custom marketing plan to maximize our clients' property exposure to a pre-defined target market. Our innovative approach includes a combination of the following:
  • Web Presence - BlackRidge Land Co. site and selected third party sites
  • Email and Social Media Marketing Campaign - designed to reach targeted market and other brokers with the intent to drive prospects to our website or to contact us via email or phone
  • Strategic Print Advertising
  • Exposure at BlackRidge Land Co. Sponsored Events
  • Scheduled meetings to present the listing to highly qualified BlackRidge Land Co. contacts
Our listings are constantly updated to provide buyers with new information, pictures and videos which showcase all of the qualities that make your property unique and attractive to the right buyer. Give us a call today to talk about how we can sell your property.