Mulcher / Brushcutter

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Tigercat M726E

Forestry mulching is the wave of the future in land and wildlife management. Blackridge Land Co. has the equipment to handle a wide variety of land improvements or developments, i.e., vegetation management, right-of-way, commercial land clearing applications, land reclamation and more. We use "Environmentally Friendly", cutting edge equipment that puts us in the forefront of land and wildlife management services.


  • Material and Fuel Reduction
  • View-scapes
  • Initial Road Clearing- "Pre-grading or Roughing out"
  • Top soil enrichment
  • Low impact land clearing
  • Mulches all vegetation leaving no brush piles to burn up or haul away
  • Increases aesthetics, property value, and sales potential
  • Property easily maintained after clearing
  • Environmental friendly reducing erosion potential of sloped sites
  • Disturbs the native seed bank and releases desired, palatable plant species
  • Mulch will retain soil moisture


Logging Slash Cleanup

Fence Row Establishment

Quail Habitat Enhancement

Forestry Site Prep

Privet Removal

Logging Deck Removal

High Fence R.O.W.

Pasture Reclamation

Hub-n-Spoke Establishment