When Deer Season Ends

Let's be blunt, deer season is over, finished, done...  Whatever word you choose it all means the same thing, another Alabama deer season has passed us by.  For some, this season was a great success filled with life long stories of trophy buck harvest, unforgettable hunts with children, and campfire stories that can only be heard at the deer camp.  And for the rest of us, it ended in frustration because “the deer never rutted” or “he was right there, I just couldn’t get a shot.”  Whatever your case may be, the question is still out there:  “What do I do until Turkey Season?” A LOT!  Without the clutter of leaves, irritation of bugs, and fear of snakes, the months following deer season, and before spring offers a wonderful opportunity to get out and manage your property.  Now is the time while it is fresh on everyone's mind to assess this past hunting season. Did you meet your harvest goals? Why or why not?  What can you do next year to make your property better for next hunting season? The month of February marks the beginning of a new year for us as land stewards and managers here in Alabama, to once again begin planning for next October 15.  Now is the time to be conducting reforestation projects, planting new fruit orchards, pruning existing orchards, conduct prescribed burns, identifying new tree stand sites, marking areas for wildlife clearcuts and food plots, and the list goes on and on.  Many people neglect this perfect opportunity to manage their property and fall behind every year on their goals. Give BlackRidge Land Company a call today and let us assist you in your property management goals and provide you with our services for this upcoming year. One more thing...  While you are out making your plans for next year's trophy buck, take a kid and teach them something about the outdoors.  You will be surprised of the impact you can make on a young person's life from just one trip in the woods. See ya soon! BlackRidge Land Company

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